Convention 2017


Meet great people, hear good speakers and experience the ruach and the camaraderie.
Among the many highlights is the Maasim Tovim Award. This year our
region has proudly selected Stephen Baum for his years of service as a Men's club leader and shul president (Temple Aliyah Needham) and a regional board member. He is a regular at theretreat, which he has chaired, and started its Tikvah program fundraiser. And then there is Tour de Shuls! Stephen came up with the idea and coined the name. Join us as we honor Stephen! 

Convention 2017 will be at July 19-23 at the Crystal Gateway, Arlington VA. Visit Convention 2017 for more information and to register.  Early bird rates through March 31. Regional subsidies are subtracted when registering. Your club may also have a subsidy.