New Program Seed Money Initiative

2012-2013 Awards

The New England Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs has awarded $1000 to three clubs who are trying new programs to enhance their membership.  The program is matching, dollar for dollar, the NET expenses for these programs up to the award amount.

Congregation Shirat Hayam ($250) – Fantasy Football Program

The program consists of a Sport Illustrated writer speaking about fantasy football, Monday night events consisting of having dinner together and watching Monday night football, and possibly a fantasy football league.

The program’s goals are

·         To engage new members

·         To encourage existing members to be more active

For more information, contact Joseph Simons (

Temple Emanuel ($500) – Roots in Israel

Roots in Israel is an initiative designed to strengthen our community’s connection to Israel and complement our shul’s rabbis’ Go to Israel directive.

Telling Israel’s story with a non-political perspective is the primary objective. This will be accomplished using a multi-faceted approach:

1.       Roots icon prominently displayed in the shul’s eNewsletter linking congregants on a weekly basis to a fresh new fact about Israel. The facts are posted to the Roots page of Brotherhood’s web site, (

2.       Monthly temple bulletin columns highlighting Israel’s attributes and accomplishments accompanied by additional Roots updates

3.       Israel expert speakers at Brotherhood’s breakfasts, events, and discussions 

For more information, contact David Greenfield(

Temple Israel, Sharon ($250) – Budapest Connection

The Temple Israel Brotherhood, working with Masorti, has started to explore ways how they can help, and perhaps “adopt” a nascent group of young Jews in Budapest Hungary who call themselves “Dor Hadash”. They are looking for ways they can learn from each other and how they can help support this small Conservative Jewish Community. They are hoping to find a way to involves Dor Hadash in the FJMC International Convention in July.

For more information, contact Ron Czik(


The New England Region’s “New Program Incentive Initiative” provides funds for clubs to try new programs with the goal of expanding club membership.  It matches club expenses dollar for dollar up to $500 of the NET expenses.  For example, if a program costs $1000 and attendees pay $400, the region will split the remaining $600 leaving the club with only a $300 expense.  This initiative will pay for expenses such as advertising, materials, speakers, food, subsidizing fees to regional programs, etc. This initiative does not apply to fundraising events.

This year we are giving priority to programs that encourage attendance at the 2013 FJMC International Convention at the Doubletree Hilton in Danvers, July 24 - 28, 2013 and programs that are based on Torch Award winning programs in the FJMC's database of exceptional programs.

If we keep doing the same programs, we have no right to expect new results.  Try something new to generate some excitement in your club.  Use this as an opportunity to build club leadership.  Capitalize on the interests/passions of your club members.  Do you have a club member who is excited about say Jewish genealogy? Ask him to lead an event in this vein.

You can send questions regarding this program to

Requirements of a New Program

In order to receive funding, the program must be new to the club or it must be at least five years since the club has run this program.

This must truly be a new program.  Hosting a breakfast with a new speaker doesn’t count as a new program, however hosting a three part speaker series on a week day evening would count.

We are also encouraging clubs to submit Torch Award applications for new and inventive programs.

The criteria for deciding on awards will include:

1.       The level this program encourages attendance at the 2013 FJMC International Convention.

2.       The likeliness that the program will attract new men’s club members.

3.       The use of Torch Award programs (see the Torch Award Site)

4.       The ability of the program to build club leadership.

5.       The depth of planning for the program.

6.       The needs of the club.

An overarching issue with regard to making awards is fitting within the regional budget.  So, the number of clubs requesting awards and the amount of those requests will affect which clubs receive awards and how much they will receive.  Clubs who have not received a grant will have higher priority than those who have received one.  We reserve the option of deferring an award to the next fiscal year.

For clubs which are receiving an award, the NER FJMC Region should be listed as a co-sponsor in all advertising.

Receiving Payment

To receive payment, the club must perform and document an evaluation (see attached evalutation form)  of the program including suggestions for other clubs who want to run a similar event.  We are encouraging clubs with new and innovative ideas to submit Torch Award applications.  The Torch Awards will be presented at the FJMC International Convention in July 24 - 28, 2013.

2011-2012 Awards

The New England Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs has awarded $1000 to three clubs who are trying new programs to enhance their membership.  The program is matching, dollar for dollar, the NET expenses for these programs up to the award amount.


Temple Emeth ($300) – Sports Program:  Street Hockey (Winter) and Flag Football (Autumn)

The program’s goals are

  • Exercise.  Get guys to go out and do an activity
  • Get Guys (members) involved with the Temple that wouldn’t normally be involved
  • Bring new younger guys into the Temple and show them that Temple activities can be fun
  • Build on an already successful Softball league that gets guys into Temple Activities for a couple of months a year.


Temple Beth Emunah ($400)  - Father/Daughter Dance, Sunday, May 20 2012 5:00-8:30 PM

The goals of the program are

  •  To younger male members with school age children out for a social gathering.
  •  To bring older, established members with older children and grandchildren to socialize with old friends and potential new members.


Temple Israel of Natick ($300) – Branding and Outreach Program - Sunday, April 29, 2012

The TI of Natick club is using ideas they learned at the 2011 FJMC Convention to begin an effort to create a brand for their club and to reach out to potential members.  They are creating a distinctive polo shirt that they will wear for Men’s Club Shabbat, World Wide Wrap, Purim, Succah building, congregational breakfasts and more.  They will be wearing these shirts on Sunday, April 29, 2012 as they hand out bagels and fliers for two upcoming programs (Temple Emunah’s Mom’s afternoon off and Handyman 101 Event) as potential members drop off their children for religious school.

The program’s goals are

  •  To begin to develop a brand for the club
  •  To recruit new members

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