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TheRetreat 2018  June 7-10

TheRetreat is the first and oldest weekend retreat for Jewish men in America. Now in its 72nd year, TheRetreat is a long weekend of fun, spirit and learning. Whether praying, golfing, learning, biking, participating in an activity, or just relaxing - you will love TheRetreat! Join Jewish men from throughout New England. TheRetreat will be from 2 PM, Thursday, June 7 to 12 PM, Sunday, June 10, 2018 at Camp Ramah in Palmer, MA.  Be a part of the adventure. You'll never know unless you go!

Our Speakers:

Now dig this! Dr. Richard A. Freund is a Professor of Jewish History and directs the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Hartford. He works as an archeologist and historian where traditional techniques cannot easily be used, and has directed over a dozen archaeological projects in Israel, and projects In Spain, Poland, Greece and Lithuania. His work has been featured in in hundreds of media outlets, including 20 television documentaries! His recent work in Lithuania has been chronicled in NOVA's “Holocaust Escape Tunnel” on the new discoveries made in the Holocaust era Ponar Burial Pits and at the Great Synagogue of Vilna, Lithuania. He has written hundreds and articles and edited or co-edited ten books. Any resemblance to Indiana Jones is not coincidental! You don't need to pack a shovel. Dr. Freund will! 

Rabbi Leonard Gordon co-directs INTERFAITH PARTNERS FOR PEACE, an organization

helping Rabbis and Ministers rebuild centrist discourse around the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. He served Congregation Mishkan Tefila as senior rabbi from 2010-2016.  He has taught Comparative Religion and Humanities at Kenyon College and the Ohio State University, and rabbinic literature at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, the Jewish Theological Seminary and Hebrew College.


Rabbi Gordon will give workshops on Thursday and Friday about The Jewish-Muslim Encounter: From Texts to Relationships. We will look at a wide range of sacred scriptures, Jewish and Islamic, with a special emphasis on the Qur’an. We will examine texts that are prayerful (Sura 1 of the Qur’an), legal (comparing Sharia law and Halakhah around a variety of topics), and narrative (looking at the story of the Queen of Sheba in Bible, Midrash, and Qur’an). Finally, we will ask about Abraham as a common ancestor. How might thinking about how we share Sarah and Hagar/Hajar better serve us in reimagining the past and our shared future?   

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The cost for TheRetreat (including all meals and lodging in a bunk) is $270 for first time attendees and $335  for returning campers. Please  support TheRetreat. Sponsorship opportunities are offered on the Registration Page.