Keeper of the Flame

NER FJMC Keeper of the Flame 2022 Event

Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Temple Emunah
Lexington, MA

The New England Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs requests the honor of your company and offers you the opportunity to record a tribute as we recognize a group of exceptional men from across our Region.

Congratulations to our Keepers of the Flame 5783 2022

 Honoree  Temple  Location
 B’nai Tikvah  Canton, MA
 Robert Kaplan  Congregation Ahavas Achim  Newburyport, MA
   Congregation Beth Israel  Worcester, MA
   Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Brookline, MA
 Arthur Schwabel  Temple Aliyah  Needham, MA
   Temple Beth Sholom  Framingham, MA
 David Mamon  Temple Emanuel  Newton, MA
 Mark Gelfand  Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, MA
 Scott Lerman  Temple Emunah  Lexington, MA
 Daniel Zwelling  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, MA
 Sonny Michelson  Temple Israel of Sharon  Sharon, MA
 David Ponn  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, MA

 Temple Reyim  Newton, MA

 Temple Torat Yisrael  East Greenwich, RI
  Rick Pike  Congregation Beth Israel of the
 Merrimack Valley
 Andover, MA

Event Schedule

4:30 PM - Registration Opens
5:00 PM - Casual chat and snacks
6:00 PM - Presentation
7:15 PM - Desserts and Minyan

Cost: $40 per adult, $20 per child under 18

 Event seating is limited – Please reply early!

The event will follow Temple Emunah policy in effect at the time of the event.  Currently attendance is limited to fully vaccinated individuals, masks must be worn by all attendees.

Deadline for registration to attend the event and/or submit Tribute Book ads is October 30th, 2022

For additional questions or if you wish to change an existing reservation, please email

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KOF 2022 is Dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Morris (Mo) Diamant

Mo Diamant

Mo was the paradigm of what service to a community looks like. He exemplified a deep love of Judaism and love of its institutions. He was generous with his time and his money.  He was the heart and soul of the Temple Emunah Men’s Club as well as the New England Region of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs.  Whether the programs were for the Region (Keeper of the Flame, Tour de Shuls, or the Yellow Candle project) or for his beloved Temple Emunah (annual Sukkah building, World-Wide Wrap, Man of the Year, or bringing Rosenfeld’s bagels to Board meetings), Mo took them all on with an unparalleled standard of excellence.

Mo was much more. There were some paradoxes. He was deeply religious, but not frum. He was meticulous in his work (which is good for a radiologist) but had a great sense of humor. One had to listen to his slow meter to only learn he was pulling your chain. He is the person who you want to talk-to every day.  Our hearts go out to his wife, Lisa, his children Sam and Julia, Julia’s wife Maya, and granddaughter, Layla.  Like you, there is a huge void in our hearts from his passing in February 2022. May Mo’s memory be for a blessing.

Congratulations to our Keepers of the Flame 5782 2021

 Honoree    Temple  Location
 Joseph Doniger  B’nai Tikvah  Canton, MA
 Bob Mandel  Congregation Ahavas Achim  Newburyport, MA
 Saul Slovin  Congregation Beth Israel  Worcester, MA
   Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Brookline, MA
   Temple Aliyah  Needham, MA
   Temple Beth Sholom  Framingham, MA
 Rick Thau  Temple Emanuel  Newton, MA
   Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, MA
 Harvey Lowell  Temple Emunah  Lexington, MA
 Jay Salinger  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, MA
 Larry Sandberg  Temple Israel of Sharon  Sharon, MA
 Larry Malatzky  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, MA

 Temple Reyim  Newton, MA

 Temple Torat Yisrael  East Greenwich, RI

Congratulations to our Keepers of the Flame 5781 2020

 Honoree    Temple  Location
 Paul Sirk  B’nai Tikvah  Canton, MA
 Jerry Litcofsky  Congregation Ahavas Achim  Newburyport, MA
 Alan W. Harris  Congregation Beth Israel  Worcester, MA
   Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Brookline, MA
 Jason Shniderson  Temple Aliyah  Needham, MA
 Eric Pell   Temple Beth Sholom  Framingham, MA
 Steve Goldstein  Temple Emanuel  Newton, MA
   Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, MA
 David Srebnick  Temple Emunah  Lexington, MA
 Rabbi Daniel H. Liben  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, MA
 Aaron Kischel  Temple Israel of Sharon  Sharon, MA
 Jeffrey Schultz  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, MA
 Joel Bloom  Temple Reyim  Newton, MA

 Temple Torat Yisrael  East Greenwich, RI

Congratulations to our Keepers of the Flame 5780 2019

 Honoree    Temple  Location
 Stanley Zoll  B’nai Tikvah  Canton, MA
 Russ Bernstein  Congregation Ahavas Achim  Newburyport, MA
 Adrian Zeffert  Congregation Beth Israel  Worcester, MA
 Michael Sheff  Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Brookline, MA
 Fred Borgenicht  Temple Aliyah  Needham, MA
 Jonathan Hochman  Temple Beth Sholom  Framingham, MA
 Steven Broder  Temple Emanuel  Newton, MA
 Joel Katz  Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, MA
 Larry Marin  Temple Emunah  Lexington, MA
 David Tursky  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, MA
 Mark Popovsky  Temple Israel of Sharon  Sharon, MA
 Mark Lubarsky  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, MA
 Ari Goldberg  Temple Reyim  Newton, MA
 Lary Norin  Temple Torat Yisrael  East Greenwich, RI

Congratulations to our Keepers of the Flame 5779 2018

Honoree      Temple  Location 
Edward M Shoenig  B'nai Tikvah  Canton, MA 
Barrie Paster  Congregation Ahavas Achim  Newburyport, MA 
Steven H. Wolfe  Congregation Beth Israel  Worcester, MA 
Robert Cohen  Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Brookline, MA 
Bruce Berns  Temple Aliyah  Needham, MA 
John Chansky  Temple Beth Sholom  Framingham, MA 
Danny Mandeau  Temple Emanuel  Newton, MA 
Julian E. Hyman  Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, MA 
Hal Miller-Jacobs  Temple Emunah  Lexington, MA 
Philip J. Legro  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, MA 
Stephen E. Shrago  Temple Israel Sharon  Sharon, MA 
Eric Richman  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, MA 
Richard Brunell  Temple Reyim  Newton, MA 
Alan Field  Temple Torat Yisrael  East Greenwich, RI 

Congratulations to our Keepers of the Flame 5778 2017

 Honoree  Temple  Location
 Ronald R. Pressler  Congregation Ahavas Achim  Newburyport, MA
 Mitchell Selig  Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Brookline, MA
 Howard Kaufman  Temple Aliyah   Needham, MA
 Harvey Levine  Temple Beth Am  Randolph, MA
 Sid Katz  Temple Beth Sholom   Framingham, MA
 Martin Paley  Temple Emanuel  Newton, MA
 Scott Gladstone  Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, MA
 Mike Rosenberg  Temple Emunah  Lexington, MA
 David Talamo  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, MA
 Ronald Czik  Temple Israel Sharon  Sharon, MA
 Alan Lehman  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, MA
 Ian Marinoff  Temple Reyim  Newton, MA
 David Talan  Temple Torat Yisrael  East Greenwich, RI

Congratulations to our Keepers of the Flame 5777 2016

see  photo albu,tribute book  (click, scroll down) Keeper videos 
(for captions  put your device horizontally and click on the "i")
See the whole event courtesy of Larry Sandberg!

In 2016 we were at Temple Israel, Sharon, MA

Congratulations to our Keepers of the Flame 5777 2016
 Honoree  Temple  Location
 Michael Fried      Congregation Ahavas Achim    Newburyport, Ma
 David J. Rubinstein  Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Brookline, Ma
 Richard Kramer  Temple Aliyah      Needham, Ma
 Jarret L. Lotto         Temple Beth Am  Randolph, Ma
 Marc Lowenthal  Temple Emanuel  Newton, Ma
 Richard Hodin  Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, Ma
 Joe Nissenbaum  Temple Emunah  Lexington, Ma
 Doug Koltenuk  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, Ma
 Andrew Fandel  Temple Israel Sharon  Sharon, Ma
 Steven Ring  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, Ma
 Michael Baker  Temple Reyim                         Newton, Ma
 Ken Gordon

Temple Shaare Tefilah 

Temple Beth Abraham

 Canton, Ma
 Canton, Ma

                                          Here are the pictures and video (videos require adobe flash)
from the New England Region FJMC 2015 Keeper of the Flame.   
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View or download the tribute book.

    2015 Fifteen years running!
 For their service and leadership we honored
 Richard Gray, Regional Keeper of the Flame and...

2015 Keeper of the Flame Honorees:
 Honoree  Temple  Location
 Michael Pearlman      Congregation Ahavas Achim    Newburyport, MA
 Daniel M. Kimmel  Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Chestnut Hill, MA
 Harold Dubin  Temple Aliyah      Needham, MA
 Jay H. Wassersug            Temple Beth Am  Randolph, MA
 Carl Barnett  Temple Beth Sholom  Framingham, MA
 Dennis Buchenholz  Temple Emanuel  Newton, MA
 Elliot Mark  Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, MA
 Frederick D. Ezekiel  Temple Emunah  Lexington, MA
 John Sudenfield  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, MA
 Noah Horowitz  Temple Israel Sharon  Sharon, MA
 Morris Sack  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, MA
 Mark D. Sukenik  Temple Shaare Tefilah  Norwood, MA

Keeper of the Flame 2014

picture of kofs 2014

Back row (l-r):  Rabbi H. David Werb, Temple Beth Emunah, Brockton, MA; Peter Kolbe, Temple Shaare Tefilah, Norwood, MA; Michael Getz, Temple Israel, Sharon, MA; Rich Traiger, Congregation Beth Israel, Worcester, MA; David Kaplan, Congregation Mishkan Tefila, Chestnut Hill, MA; Fred Mermelstein, Temple Reyim, Newton, MA

Middle row (l-r):  Floyd Aaron, Temple Beth Am, Randolph, MA; Steven Markman, Temple Aliyah, Needham, MA; Joshua Rudin, Temple B'nai Abraham, Beverly, MA; Joel Pravda, Temple Israel, Natick, MA; David Goldberg, Temple Emunah, Lexington, MA; Stephen Golden, Temple Beth Sholom, Framingham, MA

Front row (l-r):  Rabbi Charles Simon, FJMC Executive Director; Melvin Babner, Temple Ner Tamid, Peabody, MA; Phillip Cohen, Temple Emeth, Chestnut Hill, MA; Kenneth Turkewitz, New England Region FJMC President; David Beckman, Temple Emanuel, Newton, MA; Harvey Wolf, Keeper of the Flame MC

KOF 2014

view the pictures in a KOF 2014 picassa slideshow

Thanks to Larry Strumpf and Carol Turkewitz for sharing their photos.

2014 Keeper of the Flame Honorees:
 Honoree  Temple  Location
 Richard Traiger          Congregation Beth Israel      Worcester, MA
 David Kaplan  Congregation Mishkan Tefila  Chestnut Hill, MA
 Steven Markman  Temple Aliyah      Needham, MA
 Floyd Aaron              Temple Beth Am  Randolph, MA
 Rabbi H. David Werb  Temple Beth Emunah  Brockton, MA
 Stephen Golden  Temple Beth Sholom  Framingham, MA
 Josh Rudin  Temple B'nai Abraham  Beverly, MA
 David Beckman  Temple Emanuel  Newton, MA
 Phillip P. Cohen  Temple Emeth  Chestnut Hill, MA
 David Goldberg  Temple Emunah  Lexington, MA
 Joel Pravda  Temple Israel of Natick  Natick, MA
 Michael Getz  Temple Israel Sharon  Sharon, MA
 Melvin Babner  Temple Ner Tamid  Peabody, MA
 Fred Mermelstein  Temple Reyim  Newton, MA
 Peter Kolbe  Temple Shaare Tefilah  Norwood, MA

KOF 2013

2013 Keeper of the Flame Honorees
Honoree Synagogue Location
Norman J. Gould, MD Congregation Agudat Achim Leominster, MA
Barry Z. Aframe Congregation Beth Israel Worcester, MA
David Dembling Congregation Mishkan Tefila Chestnut Hill, MA
Bruce Patz Temple Aliyah Needham, MA
Douglas Lurie Temple Beth Am Randolph, MA
Stanley Marcus Temple Beth Emunah Brockton, MA
Elliot Pozmanter Temple Beth Sholom Framingham, MA
David Greenfield Temple Emanuel Newton, MA
Joseph H. Schwartz, MD Temple Emeth Chestnut Hill, MA
Howard Reubenstein Temple Emunah Lexington, MA
Mark Needleman Temple Israel of Natick Natick, MA
Cantor Alan Kritz Temple Israel Sharon Sharon, MA
Todd Levine Temple Ner Tamid Peabody, MA
Stuart Horowitz Temple Reyim Newton, MA
Chazzan Joshua Grossman Temple Shaare Tefilah Norwood, MA

 Congratulations to the 2012 Keeper of the Flame honorees!

KOF 2012

Watch the video presentation on youtube.

Thank you to Temple Emanuel for doing a exceptional job 
hosting and coordinating this year's Keeper of the Flame event

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